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Course Details:

Course Cost: $1,000 (Payment plans available)
Estimated Completion of Time: 75 hours total
Class Schedule: Day Class: 7 Weeks/ 2 days a week

Program Objective:

The Phlebotomy technician course will teach students how to collect blood for testing purposes. You will be able to identify medical terminology to relate to areas of the clinical laboratory and describe the basic functions of each main body system. Additionally, you will learn the veins or the arms, hands, legs, and feet on which phlebotomy is performed and the proper infection control to maintain safety in the laboratory.

Class Schedule:

  • New classes will start approximately every seven (7) weeks.
  • Classes meet five hours on Mon and Wed.
  • Day classes meet from 8:30 am-1:30 pm
  • Night classes meet from 1-6 pm. 
  • All class schedules are subject to change.